Game Career Guide Postmortem

April 22, 2008

Our postmortem is up (even though it’s more of a middle-mortem).

We’ve been having a lot of issues recently with team members leaving. Four weeks ago we had 10 people. Now we have 2 active people and 2 semi-active people. It’s been a big upset to the flow of work, but we are still hanging in there.

A new post will come in the next day our so as we finish compiling our information about the last couple of weeks.


Why the delays?

April 5, 2008

Taking redloyola off my links.. someone mssg me if anything relevant comes up..  thank you

Many of our players are expressing unhappiness with the delays in our ARG. Emails and information isn’t being sent out as quickly as it should be. We understand this and apologize to all of our players. Recently our team has gone through a change in its members are we are struggling to get the game back on track. Know that the PMs are still running the game and are working diligently to provide a game that everyone will enjoy.

Expect updates soon!